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Dear CIF and CIPUSA friends!

A bit more about the web tools we looked at in the workshops at the CIF International Conference in Kiljava, Finland, beside the eForum for office holders in CIF and CIPUSA. Remember, using Internet is one but not the only way to meet people.

Below is a short description - use the left menu to find out more and get links to the different tools. Please, use the referral links as they give us all different benefits.

From the workshops: Presentation (ppt) and handout (pdf)

Update: PowerPoint presentation, handout and these web pages have been updated for public publication.

Nobody can do everything,
but everybody can do something


Do try to have secure password and not the same at all places. It's easier than most think to create secure and "easy to remember" password. Continue »»


International level

CIF International forum for discussions on international level.
Every branch can get 3 accounts.
Username, password and manual will be sent directly to members.

National level

For communication, information and store documents within a national branch a protected blog can be a useful tool. Continue »»

Sharing document

Instead of sending around documents with email with different disadvantages (big files can clog inboxes, different versions are in use...) there is a lot of free web tools for sharing document.

Share with an invited group of people

Here you share a folder with a specific group of invited people where all have the same folder with documents on their computers and can edit and add documents. Documents can also be reached on Internet with password. Continue »»

Send download links to the public

Another way to use these tools is to send a link to people and let them download the document. One advantage is that document can be edited if you find an error or updated. Continue »»

Work together on documents

Documents you share with an invited group can be edited by all - as a way to complete them. If you want to work simultaneous - all at the same time - then Google docs is a better alternative. Continue »»

Photo gallery

Photo gallery can be used both for sharing photos within a branch or to promote CIF on public photo galleries.

Respect Copyright

Remember, do always respect copyright - photos in web galleries or other web sites are not free to use. You can, if not stated otherwise, always link to a gallery. Do always contact the creator if you want to use the photos and do always credit the photographer if you get permission to use them.

Easy way to create gallery

Easiest way to create a photo galley is to use the tools for sharing document. Just put the photos in a folder and you'll get a link to the gallery to send by email, twitter, on facebook or different web sites to let people have a look. Continue »»

More professional looking gallery

There is a lot of free photo galley on Internet and I have listed some with different "difficulty level". No, no one is very difficult but some are easier. Continue »»

Document gallery

There are a couple of web sites for professional papers and presentations, documents like invitation to program and magazines. Free tool to let more people see what we do. Continue »»

Networking - Promotion

Web sites - own and other

Try to find web sites and blogs with audience that might be interested in our program. Send /post information about your program and address to your/our web sites. With more in-links to our websites search engines like Google will put them higher. There is also other ways to get our web sites more visible on search engines like Googles. Here is just a few. We can maybe use the International forum to help each other to find ways to promote our web sites better. Continue »»

Squidoo pages

Easy form of web sites. Can be used by branches who don't have a web site or by other who want to highlight a special event or "thing" like program, CIF conferences next or all, the history of CIF or HBO. By creating Squidoo pages you can also earn some money to your branch. Continue »»


There is a lot of different communities like Facebook, My Space ... People use them and by using them we'll have a chance to meet them Continue »»

Another form of communities is Twitter, also described as micro bloging. Continue »»

Social bookmarking

Help our web sites and members at communities by bookmarking. Continue »»

More free stuff

I have started to list other free resources that can be handy, fell free to add more. Continue »»


You can always contact me at

Those who
Those who can do more...volunteer

With best regards

Karin Holmqvist

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