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We have today 15 websites - 13 national websites, CIF International and CIPUSA.
It is great - We can be proud!

CIF Aotera New Zealand
CIF Australia
CIF Austria
CIF Estonia
CIF Finland
CIF France
CIF Germany
CIF Hellas
CIF Italia
CIF Japan
CIF Norway
CIF Scotland

CIF International

Remember, websites and getting more/new content is a responsibility for the whole branch and not for the Webmaster.

Your Webmaster can give you advice about what content suits a website and in what form/size. E.g. a 14-page report is not what you display on a website. Then it's better with a 1/2-page summary to display and the full report for people to download if they want to read more.

Can we do more?

Yes we can. We can get higher on Google and other search engines. We can get in touch with more people to let them know us. The second is most important and if we do that Google will come after.

More in and out links - Internet is networking, to be connected to other websites

Informative first page - a visitor needs a quick answer to "What's in it for me?"

Content is King - people want to see what we have to offer.

Display most content - do only use downloads for things that is not for display like forms, folders, magazines and long supplement texts.

Update often - sorry, but that's what people and search engines like

Give people the possibility to share your site if they want. This icon Bookmark and Share is an easy code to add to web pages to let visitors do what they want. (Hover or click to see what happens.)

Tag images and document - both for disable visitors and for search engines

Informative page description - Search engines use and display them

Networking between webmasters to develop skills and get more knowledge

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