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Say what you want in 140 characters! Twitter is micro bloging where you send out short messages about what you are up to.

You can follow people/organisations who tweet - "Follow us on twitter" is not unusual on websites - to get their message. There is a search function and it updates ala minute. They also use something called hash tags (#) to mark a post and let it be collected together with others on the same subject.

Yes, you can have a protected twitter account where only invited people can read your messages. Could be something within a smaller group.

Twitter logoYou can get a free twitter account at You can have more than one account if you want to use it for different purposes.

What's the point?

Meet people where they are - a lot of people do twitt
Send out your stuff on many different channels
Get your website updated in an easy way and with help from other (who use the same hashtag #) if your collection is based on them.

IF you twitt:

1. You can have followers who read your tweets

2. You can have all your tweets collected on another website, handy if you can't have it updated ala minute. Below is all recent tweets from CIF Sweden Webmaster. It has been taken "Out of the box" with no extra layout and updats every 5th minute. There might be non-CIF/CIPUSA tweets why we don't have all our tweets on our first page.

3. You can have all tweets with a specific hashtag (#) collected. On CIF-Sweden website is all tweets marked #CIF_CIPUSA collected. Easy way to, hopefully, have something new there. Please use #CIF_CIPUSA at the end of your message if you make any tweet about our organisations. You can have more than one hash tag at the end like #CIF_CIPUSA #CIF Italia #socialworker. Yes, a hashtag needs to be in one word and you can use _ (underscore) to connect two.

Add photo to your tweet

Twitpic logoYou can send a link to a gallery or use twitpic. Instead of going to you go to and use your ordinary inlog. Your message will come together with your other tweets and have a link to your images/gallery in twitpic.

Want to start to twitt?

No, you don't need to start.
And you don't need to have a personal account
- why not create a branch account and let many members use it?

Want to start but afraid to do something in your own name or in the name of CIF?
Sign up with a fake name like Tester Testberg and try it out.
You can then just delete the account and start a new in the name you want to have

Collection of tweets from CIF Webmaster

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