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Squidoo is often called website light. Is a place, community... where passionate people write "lenses" overview pages about things they know. It is easy to get up a page with the online tool.

Write about what?

It can be used by branches without own website but also by CIF to create pages about CIF program, CIF Conferences, Henry B Ollendorf...

Why not using it for evaluation, let the participants make a page about their program? Or maybe everybody who wants to be elected for EC should create a page about what CIF is for him or her.

It's easy

Well, there is many ways it can be used and as it is just one page it's easy to fill. Okay, you can make it very long if you want! You can have plain text, images, video or whatever you want. You don't need to write about everything as you can link to other lenses and websites. Instead of a manual they have a cook book The Joy of Squidoo: A Recipe Book for Great Lenses.

Money matter

There are some advertisements on the pages. I have only seen ads for books and no super commercial toys. The money they get in is shared between the company to run the site and the creator of all pages. You can decide if you want the money yourself or donate it to charity.

Do take a look at

And take a look at a page about Save The Children

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