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Instead of sending around documents with email with different disadvantages (big files can clog inboxes, different versions is in use...) there is a lot of free web tools for sharing document. This can also be used when you work on the same document instead of having a lot of documents with one change each.


If you do banking on Internet then neither Dropbox nor Sugarsync should be any problem as they use the same transfer and encryption.

Though you have to create a good password

Share with an invited group of people

Here you share a folder with a specific group of invited people where all have the same folder with documents on their own computers and can edit, add and delete document. There is no limit in number of shared folders, folders within a shared folder or invited people. You can also reach the document on Internet after login in with your username and password.

TIP: If you are going to work on/change the same document do decide in advance that different people do their editing in different colours. Then it's easier for all to see who has done what.
You can also set the document to show all changes (use to be under Tools in the Word menu)

Dropbox is the easies tools to share files with other. You sign up for a free account, download a program (Windows, Mac or Linux will be displayed), install it by a click and get a Dropbox on you computer. Here you can create a shared folder and invite people to share it. They will then get the same content in their shared folder as you have.

You get 2 GB + 250 MB bonus space if you use a referral link. This one is in use at the moment
Updated 2010-06-10

If you where one of them who signed up for an account in the workshop. Got to:
and download the application Dropbox
Install it and when open - choose "Have already an account" and write the email and password you used when you signed up. Otherwise you will not get the extra space and neither will we.

Sugarsync is more competent and flexible but some people find it a bit harder to get used to. Here you get 2 GB + 250 MB. It's as easy as Dropbox to install and not to hard to work on.

This is the referral link to Sugarsync at the moment -
the free 2 GB account use to be down right in the second step.
You will get your extra 250 MB in a later step

Send/display download links to the public

Another way to use these tools is to send people a link to a document and let them download it instead of clogging their inbox or eating bandwidth for mobile broadband user. You can also put the link on websites or blogs for people to download the document.

One advantage is that document can be edited if you find an error or need to update - as you have it on your own computer. Yes, only the one who download it after your change will get the new version. But looking at CIF mail it seems as people from time to time send out corrected documents very soon after the original. It's also useful if you have the link displayed on a web site or blog where people might read it long time after it was first published.

(Sugarsync gives you an opportunity to get a message when people you have sent the link to have download it)

Dropbox or Sugarsync?

Dropbox is easier but Sugarsync has more features. You don't need to choose, as they both are free - install them and see which one you like or use them for different purposes. Dropbox for share folders between members and Sugarsync for download links.

Extra features

You get at least 2,25 GB of space on Dropbox and Sugar sync if you use the links above and you will maybe not fill that with CIF-stuff! Then you can use some of the space for your own.

Do you have 2 computers and never have the right document/version on the computer you use at the moment? Do you run around with memory stick or email document to yourselves? You can instead sync folder between your computers with these tools and always have the right version on the computer you are at. Both give you also a possibility to sync a computer and mobile phone.

You can also use it for a quick back up of important documents.

About referral links

You get more space by using a referral link, displayed above, than if you sign up at the company’s web site. A bonus space is also given to the owner of the referral link. Every branch should at least use the links here once before they start to use each other’s link.

There is a limit of referral space why the link here will be changed as soon as an account (member) has reached it. After CIF-Sweden got their maximum space other will get the possibility to have their referral link displayed here

Simultaneous work on documents

All can edit document you share with an invited group. If you want to work simultaneous - all at the same time - then Google docs is a better alternative. This is because MS Word, used by most people, has some problems with simultaneous work.
TIP: Start with a small group and it is also easier when you combine it with phone- or videoconference.

To be able to use Google doc you need a Googles or Gmail account. You can get it here if you don't have any

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