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People love to see photos and we have photographers among us and events to show!
Just remember to tell/ask everybody that it is okay to put the photos on the web.

When it comes to use public gallery it doesn't mean we shall stop to show photos on our own websites. It's more of getting them up quick and easy and to let more people see them than visitors to our websites. Then we can do the good-looking and selected gallery for our own websites. Maybe we also need to remember that not all branches have websites or are able to update them themselves.

There are differences between them when it comes to protection and what you can choose.

During the conference all of them will be tested - links will be sent out at and you find them below


Dropbox logo Dropbox, with at least 2,25 GB is the easiest. Put you photos in a folder in your "Photo" folder within Dropbox. Let your computer work online. Get the public link and you can send it out.

Here people need to know the address to be able to look at the photos. You can send it out by email, on social network sites, by twitter...

You can also make a gallery only for invited people who then need to sign up for a Dropbox to be able to get the photos, Yes, they will then get your photos on their computer
To get Dropbox with bonus space

Take a look at a Dropbox photo gallery - photos from the first conference day

Sugarsync logoSugarsync works nearly in the same way.
Anyhow, you can also protect your gallery with password
Sugarsync is also able to send up a folder with photos direct to Facebook
To get Sugarsync with bonus space

Better design

Flickr logo
This is a place to share photos/images. It's possible to protect your gallery from other than invited. You can have your gallery displayed in different interest pools as a complement to your own page.
Limitation for the free account: 100 MB/month, only your latest 200 images are displayed - the others are stored and can be used as links on other places. Sign up for a free account at

Take a look at a flickr photo gallery - photos from the third conference day

Picasa logo
It is Googles answer to public photo gallery. You can protect your gallery with password or just not letting it be public on your Picasa page (people then need to have the direct address)
Picasa is free and gives you 1 GB of space and lets you display all photos. To be able to use Google doc you need a Googles or Gmail account. You can get it at

Take a look at a Picasa photo gallery - photos from the second conference day

More flexible

JAlbum lets you change the design by using different templates and there are lots of them. You can send it up to your own website or use the free space (30 MB). It's possible to protect your galleries
Sign up at

Take a look at a JAlbum photo gallery on JAlbum - photos from the fourth conference day

And a JAlbum on "your own" website - Dieter Bettles photos on the German site

And don't forget Facebook were you also can publish photo gallery

Take a look at a Facebook photo gallery - photos from the fifth conference day

Compare flickr and Facebook

Two photos from when members from CIPUSA and CIF Australia visited CIF-Sweden on their way back home after the conference - to compare flickr and Facebook

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