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Tired of password like XcFTrJkdf/?

Nobody can remember a lot of so-called secure password and they don't need to be like this to be secure.

First, try to have different password for different sites.
Then avoid the most common passwords. In 2007 they where: password, 123456, qwerty, abc123, letmein, monkey, myspace1, password1, blink182, (Your own first name)

Have a password of at least 8 characters - the longer the better

What to do?

Create a password of a phrase

I like to swim or ILikeToSwim
I hate this shit or IHateThisShit
Is more secure for hacking than XcFTrJkdfK

Use other characters if the site accepts it

This is 100 % crap or ThisIs100%Crap
is more secure than c=frSe/vf9K&d


Start spik Englihs
My naice mouther

Use "own" word

Tussi-Tussi-Tuss is more secure than c=frSe/vfPK&dOc
as it is 1 character longer!


As long as you have more than one (1) word and not using the most common phrases like letmein hackers can't use common password lists or ordinary wordlists in a simple way to find out your password. They have to try every possible combination. So a long password will give them a lot of work.

In 2007 it was calculated that it would take 2 537 years to get "this is fun" *. Even if we got faster computers since then it's still very secure. If you add other charters (&,%, €,= ...), numbers, misspell or use your own word it will be nearly impossible to crack. Remember, at least 8 characters - the longer the better

* Thomas Baeckdal The Usability of Passwords where you find more about password

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