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This will be a page with bits and pieces of everything. It is just a beginning and will hopefully be filled with more. If you know any free resource do send them to and it will be published here


Sometimes we don't have all the images we want for a website, presentation, folder... then free stockphoto sites can be helpful.
Remember, do read the licence before you use an image. Sometimes it's just free to use, sometimes you need to link back, other times you need permission from the photographer.

Stock.xchng is one of the best when it comes to free photos

Multimedia stock is small but nice

If you want to start collecting good stockphotos for later use then and give away 1 image/day, 15 images/day and 1 image/week.
It is images you otherwise have to pay 1-10 $ for.

Image editor

Photoshop is a great program for editing photos and other images but expensive!

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GIMP is a very competent program and it is free. Take a look at

Convert PDF to Word and Excel document or edit them

In Cleveland we talked about making PDF* now is it the other way around - convert from pdf to Word or Excel. You do it online - send up a pdf file and get it back by email. Works very well

PDF to Word

PDF to Excel

(Mac user - It's Print and then PDF in every program you use)

There is also a possibility to edit PDF

* You can download Primo pdf converter -

Mac user only

Sorry, but there is a couple of good things that only works on mac and this is a way to share it with mac user in the organisation. Don't know what this is about? Then you are not a mac user.

Fetch-ftp client
Free for Charity organisations (they accept CIF) and it's a very good ftp client (e.g. send up pages to a site). You have to sign up here

Fast and fun screen capture, quick image editor and image sharing. Useful for all small editing stuff when you don't need a full image editor like Photoshop. Perfect if you do instructions and want to show screen shots and write/draw on them. Sign up for at free account

Seahorse - easy and light program for a quick editing of photos

Singular - find duplicate files on your mac - there might be more than you think

iResize - resize a whole folder with photos. Get large photos from camera into a handy size. Daniel also displays a lot more of his free software on that page

If types start to look strange on widgets, web pages or email the font cash might be corrupt. Use Smasher in demo version to delete all font cashes. Restart and the system will build a new fresh cashe. No risk to use it in demo. As a paid version it can do much more - and then you need to know what you are doing. Download page:

Get Acrobat reader

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