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There are a lot of different bookmarking systems on Internet. Social in the way that you bookmark web pages you like, find useful ... and others can look at the bookmarks you have made. Either by looking for you as a person or looking what other members of this bookmark community have bookmarked when they mark a site. Or maybe search on the site instead of Google.

Then search engines look at these sites to check for popular sites. That's why you sometimes see these social bookmarking logos on pages - just for you to click on and give the site another pin.

Here is just two but we should try to get as many as possible to bookmark all CIF/CIP sites and if possible also write something about them

delicious logo
Old and large site
Very few have bookmarked CIF/CIP sites...

Stumble upon logo
Stumble upon is a new one and people write short reviews
No CIF/CIP on their site...yet

If you want more social bookmarking sites - here is a list with links at Wikipedia and an explanation about the phenomena

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