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CIF International Conference
Kiljava, Finland 3-8 August 2009

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Monday 3 August 2009


Lament by Pirkko Fihlman, Cry to Mother Earth (Text in English)
Performed in CIF Conference in Finland, August 2009

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Plenum 1
Professor Jorma Sipilä, email,
The development of welfare services in Finland: following foreign examples and making national choices Presentation

Plenum 2
Professor Tom Moring
Listening in to minorities in societal dialogue Presentation


A Actual challenges and the role of social work concerning inside immigration in European countries Abstract
Ritva Creutz

Vuolasranta, Miranda (Finland) in dialogue with Bollström, Unelma and Henry (Finland)

Leinonen, Tuomo (Finland)
Current questions based on experiences from the Roma on the road – project Abstract

Comments by participants from EU countries are desired

B Working with children and adolescents – different perspectives Abstract
Marja Luukkonen, CIF

Määttänen, Kirsti (Finland)
BDM Baby Dance Method® - Dialogical understanding in very early infancy

Stengård, Stina (Finland)
Invitation to an open dialogue on child psychiatry: Our roles as social workers in collaborative practices - conversations that make a difference

Parsons, Bob (UK)
Our journey into, through and beyond our social work careers Presentation

C Elderly care and Palliative care Abstract
Sanna Liikanen, CIF

Katala, Helen (Tanzania)
How to involve elderly people and to care for them. (The Tanzania Experience) Presentation

Krokfors, Ylva (Finland)
How is a social worker’s agency visible in meeting with an elderly client in a rehabilitation context? – An ethnographic case study from a rehabilitation centre Presentation

Athavia, Iva, NGO-CPAA (India)
Dialogue with palliative patients Presentation

D Families needing support Abstract
Merja Niemelä, CIF

Merchant, Munira & Sufi, Shamim (USA)
Family Support Services:  A Response to the needs of Chicagoland’s Ethnic Community

Hartikainen, Katriina & Siimes-Tiainen, Sini (Finland)
Measuring good parenthood and family rehabilitation in Sahakoski family support center Presentation

Nousiainen, Kirsi, Socca - Centre of Expertise on Social Welfare in the Metropolitan Area (Finland)
Domestic violence and motherhood – a view to non-residential mothers’ life stories Presentation

E Memory Club – Generations in dialogue: The CIF experience during six decades and visions for the future Abstract
Elke Kruse, CIF & Susanne Holmström, CIF

Kruse, Elke (Germany)
International exchange in social work: developments, experiences and impacts. Report  on a current research project about the ‘CIF’ Presentation

Holmström, Susanne (Finland)
The experience of CIP in a Finnish perspective during five decades Presentation

Commentary presented by a
Representative of the Embassy of the United States of America

F Practice research in social work Abstract
Ilse Julkunen

Julkunen, Ilse (Finland)
Introduction to the theme: Practice research – a new winning concept with old and solid roots Presentation

Kananoja, Aulikki, email (Finland)
The dialogue of social work practice and research - Heikki Waris Institute as a model of collaboration of the City of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki Presentation

Eriksson, Pia (Finland)
Prospective adoptive parents and professionals in the adoption process Presentation

G Lament workshop Abstract
Pirkko Fihlman, CIF

Fihlman, Pirkko (Finland)
Lament workshop (1st day of two) Presentation

H Rehabilitation Abstract
Marja-Liisa Heiskanen, CIF

Vilkkumaa, Ilpo (Finland)
Disability, rehabilitation, and dialogue – a Finnish perspective Presentation

Vauramo, Mirja (Finland)
Peer counselling for spinal cord injured persons during rehabilitation – in between professionality and voluntary action Presentation

Koikkalainen, Matti (Finland)
A severely disabled spinal cord injured person as employer for a personal assistant Presentation

I 1+1>2 - Using free web tools for Communication and Promotion
Holmqvist, Karin, Från tanke till tal/CIF-Sweden (Sweden)
Presentation or here   Handout    Supportsite

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Plenum 3
Senior lecturer Anna Metteri & Dr. Kaarina Mönkkönen, website
Dialogue In Professional Social Work Presentation

Plenum 4
Professor Tom Erik Arnkil:
How to foster dialoguing in uncertain situations Presentation


J Dialogue and disability issues Abstract
Marja-Liisa Heiskanen, CIF

Könkkölä, Maija (Finland)
Accessibility is a human right Presentation

Paajanen, Saara & Mölsä, Pia (Finland)
Harvinaiset – The Finnish Network for Rare Diseases Presentation

Toikkanen, Terhi,, (Finland) - personal assistance for people with disabilities, Presentation

K Dialogue and understanding questions of peace and war Abstract
Seija Stocklin, CIF & Susanne Holmström, CIF

Takeuchi, Kazutoshi (Japan)
Japan’s War – Renouncing Constitution Presentation

Kaven, Pertti (Finland)
Finnish war children as adults – what happened later? Presentation

Pertti Kaven, Doctoral student, accepted for doctorial studies at the Department of History, Faculty of Arts, Helsinki university 2004. Writing a doctoral dissertation on the political factors involved in decision-making process of evacuations of Finnish children to Sweden during the Winter-war (1939-40) and the Continuation-war (1941-44).

Experiences of a refugee of war

L Self-care and burnout prevention for human services professionals Abstract
Arja Huttunen, CIF

Rombouts, Ernestine J. (USA)
Self-care for human service workers  (2 hrs) 

Ziv, Yaron (Israel)
Burnout prevention among therapists. Who takes care of the caretaker? Presentation

M Social work issues in health care Abstract
Johanna Björkenheim, CIF

Athavia, Iva, NGO-CPAA (India)
Dialogue with cervical cancer patients in grief Presentation

Hallén, Charlotta, HUS Jorv Hospital, email (Finland)
Carrying out social assessments with patients at an acute psychiatric ward Presentation

Björkenheim, Johanna (Finland)
A biographical approach for social work in health and mental health Presentation

N Sibshop as a method Abstract
Lucy Bennett, CIF

Bennett, Lucy (Ireland)
Working with siblings of children with special needs (2 hrs) Presentation

O Dialogue in mental health and psychiatry Abstract
Dorrit Hoffman, CIF

Okkonen, Eila (Finland)
Positive mental health and First Aid as a civil skill - education in mental health Presentation

Söderholm, Tor-Erik (Finland)
Emotions, thought and body in Dialogue Presentation

Österlund, Eivor & Johansson-Juup, Kerstin (Finland)
How to use Anticipation dialogues in practice Presentation

P Lament workshop Abstact
Pirkko Fihlman, CIF

Fihlman, Pirkko (Finland)
(2nd day of two) Presentation same as Tuesday

Q Addictions – help, treatment and defining problems Abstract 
Peter Sandström, CIF

Fagerström, Katarina (Finland)
Working with family members of substance abusers - reflexive knowledge production in groups Presentation

Sandström, Peter (Finland)
From virtual chaos to healing processes – Addiction help lines on the web
Addiction help-lines on the Web Presentation
A study of Virtual therapy Presentation

Kämppi, Jenni, University of Helsinki, in English (Finland)
Problem gambling – a public health concern or a not notable disorder? Presentation

R 1+1>2 - Using free web tools for Communication and Promotion
Karin Holmqvist, Från tanke till tal/CIF-Sweden (Sweden)
Same as Tuesday  Presentation or here     Handout    Supportsite

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